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The Pickett Fence Long Arm Rental Class

In this class you will learn
- The parts of the frame and machine
- How to load material (practice piece included)
- Thread machine and load the bobbin
- Do a pass of free motion quilting
- How to use pantographs, including how to "cut off" and line up for the next pass

Classes are set up on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis when time is available for both parties. Classes are not held on Tuesday or sunday with limited Saturdays.

Our longarms are hand guided, which means you are controlling the speed and movement. We do not have robot guided machines. 

The class takes approximately 3-4 hours with a break included.

Class fee is $150 - Includes practice material, handout and 3 reservation fees*

*reservation fees must be used within one year of class.

Long Arm Certification class - $150
Long Arm Rental - $15/hour